Reinstall Windows package details 7/8/10

Picture of Reinstall Windows package details 7/8/10
This package includes:   Check-icon-small The reinstallation of the Windows operating system. Check-icon-small Installation of the drivers necessary for the proper functioning of the components and peripherals of your computer. Check-icon-small Installing Windows Updates Check-icon-small Installing an antivirus Check-icon-small Installing a basic software package (media player, word processor, PDF reader) Check-icon-small Installing software of your choice Check-icon-small The possibility to keep the data present on your old installation or on the contrary to do a complete formatting. Check-icon-small Startup optimization by starting only useful software, to save time when starting your session. Why reinstall? The reinstallation of the operating system allows you to find a powerful computer, this is the most radical solution but also the most effective to have a computer reagent as when it was first used. This can be done without loss of data.